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Current NDTA Projects

The North Dakota Towing Association is proud to be on the leading edge of developing, promoting, and funding training through our associated training provider and nonprofit.

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International Training Education Certification and Consulting

Towing And Recovery
Training Classes With I-TECC

Now more than ever, it is important that operators have the proper training that will allow them to be safe during towing and recovery operations.

Safety is our number one concern at I-TECC, that is why we offer a wide range of towing and recovery classes so that all operators have a chance to learn and fully understand the key fundamentals of towing and recovery safety.

We’re committed to providing high quality education and training. We believe this in turn provides increased public and highway safety.

HERT Foundation

Highway Emergency Response Training Foundation

The HERT Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit whos mission is to "Promote and Support Education of Highway Emergency Responders to help ensure Public and Roadway Safety.”  The Foundation is able to accept charitable donations, contributions and grants to help promote and provide training to all highway emergency responders including; law enforcement, fire/rescue, EMS, Towing & Recovery, DOT, and others.  

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